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Board of Directors

Who We Are

Judy Nguyen

Judy Nguyen is a Speech-Language Pathologist serving students in the Los Angeles County School District for the past 25 years. She has volunteered with CompaSS since 2002. In 2016 Judy became the director of the World Peace Gathering and has devoted her managing skills to bring about 12 years of successful Gatherings of thousands of participants worldwide. With wise leadership, Judy has facilitated the ecumenical meetings of various religious leaders, such as leaders from the Roman Catholic Church, Muslim Ahmadiyya, Protestant, Japanese Shingon, Tibetan Vajrayana, Vietnamese Hoà Hảo and Cao Dai.


Currently, Ms. Nguyen, a member of our Executive Board, is the organization’s soul and spirit as her generosity, kindness, compassion, selfless dedication, and optimism characterizes the nature of Compassionate Service Society.

Tech Lead

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Quy Minh Hoang

Dr. Quy Minh Hoang is a pediatrician, serving in Los Angeles and Orange county for over 25 years.


Since 2003 she has been volunteering to organize many CompaSS meditation retreats and pilgrimages, wonderfully bringing the humane element into all our organized events. Growing spiritually in our CompaSS environment, she has expressed our culture of generosity and altruism in all her broad charity work in many countries she has volunteered for. Besides being one of the most well-respected pediatricians in the Vietnamese community of Orange County, Dr. Hoang is also a well-loved volunteer in many Vietnamese charities, including CompaSS.

Joan He

Joan He is our young Integral Taichi instructor who has founded Compassionate Service Society France (CompaSS France) in 2008.


In 1994 he was specially trained as a young Buddhist novice monk, to absorb the deepest principles of the Avatamsaka Sutra and the Great Compassion Dharani teaching.


Since 2000, as a young layman, he has tirelessly promoted the teaching of Buddhism in the form of Integral Taichi and integral Meditation.  In 2013, Joan consummated his effort into integral Taichi Global, and built a community of integral Taichi of over 600 teachers all over the world, including USA, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Taiwan, and Vietnam.


Parallel to the effort of building the Taichi community, Joan lead the effort of building a sangha of short-term monks and nuns. This sangha reflects the need to experience deep spirituality without forfeiting the family responsibility and the complex life of a laity.  Joan represents a young, practical model of Bodhisattva in the 21st century.


Mabel Lee

Graduated with an MBA degree, Ms. Mabel Lee has been working in the business world before volunteering full time for CompaSS since 2004. Integrating her managerial skill with a caring and generous heart, she had co-founded our CompaSS San Jose, providing many community services in the Bay Area.


With embracing experiences from volunteering work for many organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hospice and more, Ms. Lee is our model that demonstrates how one can integrate successfully entrepreneurship with volunteerism, serving community with self-cultivation, and generosity with wisdom.


Currently, Ms. Lee is the member of our Executive Board of Compassionate Service Society.

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