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About Our Program

Become a Monk/Nun

In 2005, the program started with a mere 20 participants. Fast-forward to present-day, the program annually welcomes over 250 dedicated participants to the Altruistic Home-Leaving Sangha Program (AHLSP)!  The AHLSP is a 10-day monastic program as part of the World Peace Gathering that focuses on 3 main aspects:

  • Continuing the tradition and the monastic ideals of Buddhist ordainments.  This is a cultivation practice highly praised by the Buddha

  • Each AHLS participant dedicates his/her spiritual cultivation for others, not to gain one’s own blessings and personal interests

  • Facilitate an environment for World Peace Gathering participants to achieve Samadhi and to build synergy during the Mandala of Peace

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Support Team

In conjunction with the AHLSP is the Bodhisattva Sangha Support Program (BSSP) for those who wish to practice altruistic deeds by volunteering their time.  They are lay-persons who join to cultivate the dharma in support of their fellow sangha members as well as give support and assistance to fellow sangha member. This program offers a great opportunity for those who wish to further their Bodhisattva practice in service. 

The Bodhisattva Support Team (BST) consists of volunteers who dedicate their time to create an environment for study and practice. 

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