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Bring Warmth and Hope to help face the cold winter

Now that Spring is here with us, let's look back at the past winter!

The chilly weather, snow combined with high winds are challenging to all but especially hard on the men and women experiencing homelessness.

In order to help them face the hardness of winter, Compassionate Service Society volunteers in Montreal, Canada, collected and gave donations, bought sleeping bags, warm socks, warm gloves, hand warmers, personal hygiene items and new underwear - yes, underwear (do you think they have a chance to clean their clothes?) and food.

Those sandwiches were prepared with love and care by CSS volunteers.

We also prepared hot meals and offered them to doctors and nurses at the hospitals.

Doctors and nurses work in a stressful environment which can easily create conflicts. Receiving warm foods prepared with care bring them comfort, knowing that they are being cared for too, not just having to give care to others. That was the testimonials we received from them. Even without those words, the large smile on their face when they receive their meals are enough for the volunteers.

We also regularly prepared meals for homeless shelters and an association for battered women.

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