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The benefits of meditation are manifold: relaxation, serenity, concentration, self-awareness, openness, wisdom and compassion. All those needs you to spend time regularly practicing.

The nice thing about it is that it does not have pre-requisite. You do not have to have high skills, great knowledge, be educated, nor be an athlete. All you need to start with is your body and your breathing which everyone of us has.

You will learn to relax your body, your skins and muscles and gradually go deeper and deeper. You will reach a state of deep relaxation and feel peaceful.

Then you will learn to breathe deeply, slowly and gently. Gradually, you will reach a state of serenity where there is no more tensions within.

There are several more layers that you can unfold with our methods and methodology, the philosophy of which is from the Avatamsaka Sutra.

BTD classes

Weekly Class Program
both online and at Compass Center (Anaheim, CA)

· Every Sunday from 8 AM - 9:30 AM (Pacific Time) *new class time begins Aug 27th*

· Ongoing throughout the year

· Learn a new Dharma Jewel every four weeks as listed below

January 24 - February 14

February 21 - March 14

March 21 - April 11

April 18 - May 9
May 16 - June 13

   June 20 - July 18

July 25 - August 15

August 27 - September 17

September  24 - October 24

October 29 - November 21

Jewel Chest / YA

Sweet Dews  / SA

Blue Lotus / THA

Red Lotus / KSA

Purple Lotus /SVA

White Lotus / GA

Integration of Jewel Chest + Sweet Dews + 4 Lotuses 

Integration of the 4 Lotuses

Transformation Buddha (no class on Oct 15)

Thousand Petals Lotus

Meditation Retreats
at CompaSS Center (Anaheim, CA) and online

March 18-19
May 13-14

May 27 - June 2 *

July 29 & 30

Sept 16 & 17

 (*) indicates an Advanced Meditation Retreat in Joshua Tree, CA

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