INTEGRAL TAI CHI is a holistic practice based on ancient disciplines designed to heal and nourish the body, mind and spirit. Practitioners often experience increased energy, better focus, and a greater sense of well-being.

Classes are available for all ages, and are offered as a free service to the community. Our current program offers three different tracks:


Feeling tension or stress in your daily life?  Then this is the track for you.  Learn how to reduce stress through simple movements and breathing that trigger the process of healing.  Re-balance your body and bring clarity to your mind

Health & Joy

Experience the joy that comes from discovering the ever-present peace that resides within.  Learn mindful movements designed to increase physical strength and harmonize internal energy systems, resulting in a healthy body and a joyful spirit.

Healthy & Joyful Seniors

Specifically designed for seniors, but not just for seniors!  Open to those looking for general wellness. Focused on gentle movements that build joint health, flexibility, and balance while synchronizing the left and right brain.  Let your youthful energy shine!

Come discover a healthier happier you!  Come back and check with us for new classes starting soon!