MANDALA is a gathering place where together, we focus our spiritual energy and where the Buddhas miraculously appear.  By joining together as a community in harmony, a spiritual synergy arises with the power to open our hearts and minds, allowing us to feel the exterior light of the Buddhas, and the inner light of our own minds.

The origins of this concept and practice have been passed down from the ancient sages for thousands of years.  Today, we too can practice the Mandala in a way that is accessible and beneficial to all.

The Mandala is a spiritual practice that delivers the original quality and essence of Buddhism, transcending superstition, fanaticism, and delusion.  This is a practice that draws people together, opening up minds, and allowing us to awaken to the light in each of us.  By invoking great wisdom and great compassion, and through our spiritual and meditative focus, we can elevate our collective consciousness, bringing positive influence to those around us.  It is through this effort that we radiate the light of peace into the world.