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Lotus Bodhisattva
Training ​Program

An introduction course of the mantra for the Seed of Lights YA SA and Four-Lotuses Dharma:
  • 4 months (16 weeks)
  • Learn to pronounce seed syllables of light fluently and correctly and memorizing them
  • Practice basic meditation and exercises such as stretching, relaxing the organs, getting to stillness
  • Practice slow and subtle breathing without delusions is also an important aspect
  • After completing the program, practitioners will be eligible to enroll in the Bodhisattva Path class at the beginning of each month. In the first week of each month, Thay will teach, and the Dharma Care team will review the remaining three weeks
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We're sorry to inform you that registration for this class has now ended for the Spring-Summer. Next course will begin in August for the fall. Please check back in July for updates on future sessions. Thank you for your understanding.
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