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Flood Relief

September 11th, 2022. We heard that one third of Pakistan is under water. The magnitude of this calamity is simply terrifying. The population in the flooded area does not have access to clean water, food, medicines, everything. After discussions with our partner Global Medic, whose Emergency Response Team were on-site, we started a spontaneous one day campaign fund raising for flood victims in Pakistan. Our goal was to raise $15,000 to offer 650 families an emergency kit. We surpassed the goal in less than 24 hours, due to the generosity of the participants of our event. We collected $22,000.

The extra money afforded us to give 5000 families a package of staple foods such as rice, dates and lentils.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank to the donors! They do not simply give monetary donation, they are sending their love and empathy. They felt the hardship experienced by the victims and also their desperation. Some donors who communicated through phone with me to get info on how to donate even have tears in their voice. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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