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Annual Gathering
for World Peace

Since 2009, with the aim to foster peace in the world, Compassionate Service Society hold an annual 2 or 3 days event in which all branches worldwide gather and participate.

For this year 2023, the event will be held on January 6th and 7th, 2024 (due to the unavailability of event's venue in 2023).

History of WPG

Recognizing the anxiety in the community due to economic downturn, social changes and natural disasters, Compassionate Service Society organized its first World Peace Gathering in 2009 with the theme "Compassionate Living: Care for our family, love for our community, peace for our world and green for our Earth".

In June 2009, Venerable Hang Truong brought to our attention and awareness the severe impact of global warming and ensuing environmental problems that might affect the world population. We realized that we need to do something right at that time to clean up the environment so that our generation has a safe place to live on and future generations still have something to enjoy. 

Compassionate Service Society from all regions came up with different projects that will help bring awareness and understanding about the impact of global warming. The theme of our projects was Living Green, Living Whole.

  • Living Green: live with an effort to preserve the environment for future generations.

  • Living Whole: embrace wholesome lifestyle benefiting for ourselves, as well as for other living beings on the planet.

The projects focused on 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

And  hence the 2009 World Peace Gathering focused on Green Living, when all regions gathered and report on their local projects. During 2009 World Peace Gathering, we organized a walkathon to bring awareness of the issue to the community and also to fundraise for water filtering systems to be installed at countries in needs of clean water for their population.


  • Main Charity Project:  provide water purification systems to countries facing drought or the population has difficulties in accessing clean water.

  • Taiwan project:  Homemade, non-toxic cleaning products and promote Vegetarianism

  • Virginia project:  Water Conservation

  • Houston project:  Organic Garden

  • Dallas project: Garbage Screening

  • San Jose project: Green Ware

  • Orange County project:  Stop The Energy Waste  (STEW)

Since then, each annual World Peace Gathering may have a different theme. For example, one year we offered Tea Meditation for World Peace. 

We hope that you will be interested in joining us

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