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Mandala Tỳ Lô Giá Na - Giải Thích

Traditionally, a mandala is a visual image or picture representing the cosmic nature of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and other divine beings. Meditators use various forms of mandalas as visual aids for their meditation. Cultivators see mandalas as symbols of the spiritual universe and, thus, gateways for their profound realization and liberation.

Vairochana Mandala is a mandala based on the teaching of the Avatamsaka Sutra. What is unique about it? It is a 3-dimensional mandala where people can enter, sit, bow, chant, meditate and become part of the collective, spiritual experience. Vairochana Mandala is a sacred space where the spiritual and healing power of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and practitioners converge and concentrate to uplift the spirit of all participants of the mandala practice.

Vairochana Buddha is called the Dharma Body Buddha whose body is uncreated, formless, shapeless, and yet pervades and presents throughout the whole Dharmadhatu. In the philosophy of the Avatamsaka Sutra, Vairochana Buddha is the consummation of two non-dualistic paths, represented by two great bodhisattvas, Manjusri and Samantabhdra.

Manjusri bodhisattva embodies the path of unfolding the True Nature. In this path, the boundless light of the True Nature instantly and pervasively unpacks onto every level of consciousness and every layer of shadows (particularly, the Five Shadows or Skandhas–body and its sensations, feelings, thoughts, habitual energy, and consciousness).

Samantabhadra bodhisattva embodies the path of spiritual evolution. In this path, one advances spirally through many definitive stages of development, instantly realizes the emptiness of all existences, and embraces all forms of conditions while serving, teaching, and transforming all living beings in the web of affinities.


Bringing this Vairochana Mandala to Koyasan in Japan, the Compassionate Service Society wishes to honor the founder of Shingon, Kobodaishi, who is considered the transformation of Vairochana Buddha, the greatest teacher of esoteric teaching of all times.

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