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To encourage those who have been practicing thầy’s meditation, at all levels, to go deeper into the practice by providing them opportunities to practice without interruption for an extended period of time in a favorable environment/location plus provide guidance and experience sharing.

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Which Dharma To Cultivate?

You have a choice of dharma taught by Thay. Please discuss this with the regional seclusion leader.


How Long is Each Session?

To facilitate the practice for new practitioners, one-day seclusion is possible. With experience and as you feel more comfortable, you can increase the length up to one month per session.


Where To Seclude?

Depending on each locale.

CSS offers: 

1. Sage Farm, in Southern California

2. Phổ Hiền Sơn Trang, in Hawaii

Please contact your local seclusion leaders for reservations.


1. Discuss and decide on a seclusion schedule with your regional seclusion lead.

2. Be present at the venue at least half an hour before the start of the seclusion.

3. One-day seclusion will start at 6 AM and end at 8 PM.

4. Two-day or three-day seclusion will begin at 6AM on the first day and finish at 6 PM on the last day.

Who To Contact?

Regional Program Lead

Northern California:     Minh Tâm Nelson

Southern California:     Khiết Chiếu

Dallas:                           Bích Hường Nguyễn

Houston:                       Vân Anh Phí

American East Coast:   Chính Tín Bùi

Canada:                         Lan-Hương Lâm

Practices Make Perfect

Please contact your regional seclusion program lead to explore the possibilities.

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