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Early registration: September 1st, 2023 until November 12th, 2023  

Late registration: November 12th, 2023-December 12th, 2023 


General schedule for 2023-2024: 

This is general schedule for both the Altruistic Home-Leaving Sangha (AHLS) Program and the Bodhisattva Sangha Support (BSS) Program. Additional details will be discussed after registration is complete.


Hair-shaving day to prepare your! Come receive your shaving by Thay Hang Truong & Thay Hang Duc. Anytime from 8am - 4pm. 


Participants will partake in a ceremony to receive the precepts of a monk/nun (or Bodhisattva to officially mark the commencement of the program.


The ALHS program runs 8-days at Big Bear Lake. 


World Peace Gathering, all participants will lodge at Clarion hotel - just 5 minutes walk from the convention center (extra nights at hotel is available for participants from out-of town).


A celebratory ceremony to officially mark the end the 2023 ALHS program. Precepts are released this morning.  AHLS & BSSP Program members are asked to help clean-up and unloading at storage locations for the remainder of the day.

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