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Cultivating Good Relationships in the New Year

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

This Lunar New Year, the Year of the Metal Rat, is the first year in the 12-year cycle. Metal is related to the Heavenly Stems in Chinese Astrology and Numerology, and reminds us that we should know how to return to the heavenly principles. The rat is associated with the Earth Branches in Chinese Astrology, and reminds us that we should fulfill the path of humanity, that is the relationship between us and others. So this is truly the year that we need to improve our relationships for the better.

There are 3 simple and easy-to-remember ways that we should practice to realize good relationships with our loved ones at home and with people in our communities:

  1. When we hear gossip at home, we should smile and embrace. When interacting with loved ones, we should practice forgiveness; there is no need to prove ourselves right or better than others. When we see someone doing good deeds, no matter how small, be appreciative wholeheartedly. When we make mistakes, no matter how small, always be genuinely apologetic.

  2. Whenever we are being pressured or done wrong by people above us, we should smile and let go, allowing the heart of forgiveness to open.

  3. If we speak harsh and hurtful words to those below us or treat them wrongly, we should smile, be humble, and ask for forgiveness.

-- Thay Hang Truong

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