Lotus Memorial Wall

To commemorate all who passed during this Covid-19 pandemic, we will create a Lotus Memorial Wall with all the flowers made by you using the provided patterns.

How to proceed

1. Select the pattern.

2. Print the pattern out on color paper.

3. Cut the image out.

4. Write the name of the deceased person to be honored or commemorated on either side of the image. You can also add a message of appreciation/love.

5. Mail the image(s) to us and please assure that we get it before November 30th, 2021.

Please send the image(s) to:  Lotus Wall
                                                  420 S. Brookhurst St.
                                                  Anaheim, CA 92804

If you wish to pray for a deceased person or for wellness, please fill out the form on the section on praying for deceased/wellness.

Please use  these Pattern Files