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   Letters from Haiti     Thank you letter from Thay Hang Truong

January 12th, 2010 at 4:53pm: An earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude struck Haiti, the epicenter is just 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince (2 millions inhabitants).

January 13th: Destructions and Death in Port-au-Prince. Buildings collapsed, bodies piled up. Millions of survivors are in shock and search for their loves one. The survivors need medical cares, safe water, foods and shelters.

January 14th: From Taiwan, Thay Hang Truong called back to Orange County, California initiating an effort to help Haiti.

Janurary 15th: The relief plan is put in motion, CSS called out for donations and CSS wired immediately $25,000 to Operation Blessing International. This is the rest of the money collected for the water project initiated during the World Peace Gathering back in December 2009.

January 16th: 850 LIFESAVER® bottles arrived at Port-au-Prince airport, waiting for customs clearing.

January 19th: 10 water purification systems are heading toward Haiti on the USNS Sacagawea among the 291 tons of critical relief supplies from Operation Blessing. (View video)

January 21st: Water bottles passed customs and will soon be on the way to the soccer field for distribution to the population.

January 22nd: Your generous support touched our heart: up to this day, we received $37,000! Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

January 24th: Total received is $50,379.

January 27th: Total received: $68,505.

January 30th: We received $75,600!

February 4th: Total received: $100,860.

February 8th: We received an email from Operation Blessing with pictures of distribution of jerry can at an orphanage. (read email and view pictures)
Total received: $112.994.74

February 15th: Total amount received is $136,164.56

February 28th: Wired $50,000 to Operetion Blessing to buy more water filters for Haiti. (thank you letter from OB upon reception of the additional contribution).

March 17th: 2 CSS volunteers accompanied an employee of OB to Haiti to help the local volunteers distribute the filters out to the population.
                    (check out the letters and pictures sent back by CSS volunteers to their families)

April 15th: Total received $158,197.56

Back to the beginning of CSS water projects:

Water is an essential element of life and during the World Peace Gathering, held in Orange County in December 2009, CSS has decided to select Safe Water as our Green Project to help provide safe, clean water to countries that are in need of such resources in the third world. Also at the World Peace Gathering, CSS has demonstrated to the attendees how the LIFESAVER® water purification bottles works. These bottles do not use any chemical to purify water, they simply filter out all water-borne pathogens creating safe, sterile drinking water very fast from unclean water sources such as lakes, river, ponds, etc... These filters treats up to 99.9% of virus and bacteria in waters. The bottles can filter up to 4000 or 6000 liters of water (depending on the model) and a medium jerrycan provides up to 20,000 liters of safe drinking water.

After the World Peace Gathering, CSS learned that Lifesaver USA will team up with Operation Blessing International to provide safe water to Haiti. We decided to be their partner in that project and contributed $15,000 of the money collected for the water project during World Peace Gathering. The people in Haiti received the water filters. (view video)

Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation is a nonprofit humanitarian organization based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. It is a very efficient charity organization and is ranked 11 out of 400 audited charity organizations.