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CSS and the volunteers
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About CSS

The Compassionate Service Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in southern California. CSS was founded by Master Ce Hang Truong in 2002. Though founded on Buddhist principles, CSS takes an ecumenical and all-inclusive approach that transcends religious and cultural boundaries. By integrating the ancient teachings of Buddhism with the best of 21st century thoughts, practices, philosophies, and knowledge, CSS seeks to bring unity and healing to the body, mind and spirit.

Our goal is to facilitate the practice of Bodhisattva ideals (altruism) and to promote holistic living. The Integral model for holistic living is to develop all four dimensions of life (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social) within the four contexts of life conditions (physical, social system, culture and nature). Our mission is to create a spiritual and healing environment for body, mind and spirit.

CSS (or commonly known as CompaSS) headquarter is in Orange County, California, USA.
CSS around the world offers Integral Tai Chi classes (free of charge), Integral Meditation classes and Relaxation classes (free of charge) plus vegetarian cooking classes. We also offer many trainings and certification track for Integral Tai Chi Instructors, meditation instructors and all core members. CSS headquarter offers weekly radio and tv programs in Vietnamese, meditation retreats, the annual World Peace Gathering and special trainings for its working members. In collaboration with doctors and nutritionist, CSS headquarter also offer educational sessions (along with vegetarian cooking class) to guide the population into healthier habits and life style. Through its activities and programs, CSS offers participants and especially its working members an environment facilitating their holistic evolution. All activities organized by CompaSS are open to everyone of all ages, race, gender, religion and beliefs. Most of the activities are free admission, with the exceptions of retreats, pilgrimages and trainings.

The Volunteers
All working members of CSS are volunteers without pay. These volunteers dedicated an estimated of at least 100,000 hours every year in order to offer various activities and programs to an estimated 700,000 persons worldwide.

ITC is one unit of CSS specializing in Integral Tai Chi. ITC has many branches and each ITC branches offer Integral Tai Chi classes as well as some other activities to the local population. Other than the main ITC in Orange County, California, the following locations have an active ITC:
  • San Jose, California, USA
  • San Diego, California, USA
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Washington DC & Virginia, Maryland, USA
  • Oklahoma, USA
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Greater Toronto, Canada
  • France
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Kaohsyung and Tainan, Taiwan
  • Tahiti
iM is another unit of CSS that specializes in meditation practices. Some ITC branches also offer meditation classes.

iB is the newest program of CSS. Its ambition is to provide guidance and training towards a holistic development for the individuals who signed up. The methodology is derived from the teachings of the Avatamsaka Sutra (a buddhist scripture) in addition to other ancient and modern theories.