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Mission & Vision
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The Vision of Compassionate Service Society (CompaSS) is to facilitate the practice of Bodhisattva ideals (altruism) and holistic cultivation.
From 2002 to 2007, our mission was to create a learning environment for our community to integrate body, mind and spirit. Practically, we have develop various meditation methodologies, teach Integral Tai Chi to community, provide spiritual guidance via dharma lectures, educational programs on Television (Khai Tam TV) and radio (Khai Tam Radio) as well as other community programs that aims at serving the Vietnamese and American communities. Many large and small Integral Taichi Centers (ITC) have been established in USA (Orange County, San Jose, Houston, and Dallas), France, Hungary, and Taiwan to help facilitate our mission. 
Since 2008, CompaSS adapts the vision of ITC to be our inspiration and practical guide for engagement with community. ITC’s Vision is:

  • Restore Health to members of our community.
  • Engender Hope in the hearts of those who are of need, by providing emotional support and spiritual guidance.
  • Facilitate a Healing process among members of community; be it emotional, spiritual, or social.
This vision is called our 3H Vision of Health, Hope, and Healing.